About me


I was 20 years old when I spent my first year of University producing parties and theater instead of studying.

After University, while waiting for compulsory military service, and planning to move to London, I indulged myself with a theater course where i met Theater Master, Carlo Formigoni.

That year was1995, and my plans were completely changed forever. I became an actor in the theater company Cerchio di Gesso where I worked for 14 years.

By 2010 the company grew to manage a 300-seat theater and many national tours. We employed 25 people and I worked under a good contract. But my old dream of being an Italian living abroad suddenly appeared again, so I left the company and moved to Berlin!

In 2011, I found myself in Mitteleurope, I didn’t know any German. My English sounded like “Don Vito Corleone’s one!” and I spent my nights in a 20-bed hostel dormitory.

Already slim, I lost 5 kg. I started taking German lessons and volunteering for the artistic project, Mica Moca.

In a few months I was again enjoying the theater scene. I self produced a monologue inspired by Dino Buzzati that reached an audience of 90 Italians by way of self-made postcards. Not bad! A couple of blogs and magazines wrote about me and I started making my first contacts in town.

Time has passed since then, and now that I am in my forties, I can affirm that:

Restarting from zero is exciting, studying is the key to success, and presenting theater teaches you how to fall and rise.

Throughout the years, stories are what I have come to love the most and will be featured prominently in my next projects.

I’m still living in Berlin with projects running in Europe as well as in Italy.

My new passion is coaching on Public Speaking and my mission is to kick you onto a stage where you will spread your ideas!